Katagami Stencils

Katagami stencils have been used in a variety of  katazome (stencil dyed) textile techniques for dyeing kimono, yukata, futon cover fabrics etc. The stencils are made from layers of kozo mulberry paper laminated with unripe persimmon  tannin and smoked. The combination of the tannin and smoke produces a durable and nearly waterproof stencil that can be used hundreds of time. The stencils are finely cut by hand with chisels.  Very open designs will have a fine silk netting placed between the layers of peper for stability. 

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***Kamon Katagami

Selection of four kamon katagami stencils

$ 22.00

***Katagami Cards

Pack of 3 kamon katagami cards

$ 24.00

Floral and Shippo

Floral motifs with Shippo Seven Treasures of Buddha design

$ 25.00


Flower Diamond Design

$ 70.00


Kiku chrysanthemum and shippo 'Seven Treasures of buddah'

$ 25.00


Maybe oak leaves?

$ 25.00


Momiji maple leaves

$ 25.00

Pine Needles

Pine needles and plum blossoms

$ 25.00

Plovers (small)

Small chidori plovers and waves

$ 25.00

Plum and Weights

Ume plum and fundo weight pattern

$ 60.00


Ume plum blossoms with tortoiseshell

$ 25.00


Variation on traditional triangle/fish scale design

$ 25.00


Komon wheel pattern

$ 60.00


Yabane or yagasuri arrow design

$ 25.00