Kimono Silk

This selection of kimono and haori (kimono jacket) silk dates from mid-late 20th century but all are unused and cut straight from the roll.  Photos show the width of the fabric (35-37cm). Please note that the actual colour may vary slightly from the photo reproduction.

There is a limited amount of each fabric and we are unable to order more so please make sure you have all you require for your project. 

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Retro stylised hexagon and floral motifs

$ 15.00

Hot Pink Floral

Hot pink stylised floral on navy

$ 15.00


Simple kanoko shibori design printed in muted plum colour ...

$ 12.00


Bold red karakusa (Chinese grass) design on black.

$ 17.50

Maple Leaf Tsumugi

Turquoise leaves on a muted mauve background with tiny ...

$ 17.50

Mauve Floral

Soft florals on a cream and white background with patches ...

$ 17.50

Mauve Floral 2

Traditional floral motif on mauve

$ 15.00

Orange Komon

Floral komon design on orange

$ 15.00

Orange Traditional

Traditional chrysanthemum and hexagon motifs

$ 17.50

Patterned Stripes

Busy stripes in blue, purple and yellow.

$ 17.50

Pink Garden

Traditional yuzen style floral motifs on patches of pink.

$ 15.00

Pink Print

Pretty pink woodblock print type pattern

$ 15.00

Pink Traditional

Traditional yuzen style floral motifs on pink

$ 15.00

Pretty Retro

1970's pretty floral design on a silvery background

$ 15.00

Purple Garden

Informal flowers on a pale purple background

$ 15.00

Red Flower Oshima

Oshima tsumugi with red floral motif.

$ 20.00

Retro Floral on Black

1970's floral on black

$ 15.00

Retro Geometric

Fun and funky 1960's/70's colours and design.

$ 15.00

Retro Orange

1960's or 70's orange and gold

$ 15.00

Retro Organic

Wonderful hand-dyed, weird, bold c.1970's organic design

$ 17.50