Kimono Silk

This selection of kimono and haori (kimono jacket) silk dates from mid-late 20th century but all are unused and cut straight from the roll.  Photos show the width of the fabric (35-37cm). Please note that the actual colour may vary slightly from the photo reproduction.

There is a limited amount of each fabric and we are unable to order more so please make sure you have all you require for your project. 

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Satin Stripes

Retro satin stripes in shades of black and white with small ...

$ 15.00

Shibori - Pink

Blue, red, white and yellow kanoko shibori on a pink ...

$ 20.00


Vermillion shrine buildings peeking through the trees.

$ 15.00

Stained glass

Hand-dyed, retro, organic design. c,1970s

$ 17.50

Stained Glass Floral

Hand-dyed retro floral design, c.1970's

$ 17.50


Subtle muted tones in an attractive stripe design

$ 15.00

Swirly Check

Unusual swirling coloured checks

$ 15.00

Vermillion Shibori

Vibrant red-orange kanoko shibori silk

$ 20.00

Vibrant Blue

Retro designs on a vibrant blue background

$ 15.00

Vibrant Floral

Bright cheerful blossoms on a dark green background.

$ 15.00

White Check

Subtle pastel blocks on a heavier weight white tsumugi silk.

$ 17.50